About BERD



Hi, are our names are REBECCA and RACHEL (we have two other sisters) and we enjoy doing YORUBA, BOOK REVIEWS, PROJECTS, CHALLENGES, MERCH and many more! We want you to have an exciting time on our website. We have donated over 50 books to school libraries across Europe and Africa with awesome feedback. Our desire is to write more and have the books in school libraries around the world for other children to read. We need your support to print and send copies to suggested school libraries. RUTH uses the extra funds to feed the Homeless at Christmas. Please support us further by donating, reviewing our books on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, liking our Facebook page, Instagram posts, subscribing to our YouTube channel and sharing.


To inform, educate and entertain our audience.


- bring out the uniqueness in us - encourage boys and girls to fulfil their God-given purpose - learning to speak Yoruba language by teaching our audience the little we know - using animation as a tool to express ourselves and teaching others to do same - encouraging youths to read wide and write books because if we can, anyone can too - we raise funds for charity through our projects (homeless project, animation for all ages, business branding) - we are YouTubers who just love having fun